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Our Mission

At The Legacy Law Firm, it is our goal to ensure that your legacy is a treasured memory, while avoiding any fighting or problems in the inheritance process!

Whether you would like to draft an estate plan, you are handling the passing of a loved one, you are wondering how you will pay for a nursing home, or your inheritance was stolen, we are here to help!

Our Services

The Legacy Law Firm is here for all of your estate planning and administration needs, whether you need a Will, a Trust, or a Durable Power of Attorney.

We handle all of the paperwork, court filings, and administration involved with your probate case, from probate litigation, to estate planning, to Guardianship & Conservatorship.

At The Legacy Law Firm, we are well-versed in the Medicaid application process. We have rigorously studied the rules and regulations, and are fully prepared to help you become eligible.

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