Guardianship and Conservatorship

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Whether it be due to age, incapacity, or illness, there are times when the court has to appoint a person to watch over those who are unable to care for themselves. Sometimes those appointed people are family members, other times they are authorized representatives of the court. At The Legacy Law Firm, we ensure that your loved one is taken care of, no matter what their needs may require.


A Guardian is a person, appointed by the court, who has legal authority over another individual, specifically relating to their health and well-being. There are several types of Guardianship, ranging from Guardian of a minor, to Guardian of an incapacitated senior, to Guardianship of a developmentally disabled adult. At The Legacy Law Firm, we handle all types of Guardianship, allowing you to protect your loved ones if they are unable to do so themselves.


A Conservator is a person, appointed by the court, who has legal authority over another individual’s finances. Whether that is due to a minor receiving an inheritance, or an elderly person becoming unable to handle their own affairs, a Conservator looks out for that person’s financial well-being. At The Legacy Law Firm, we file the documents, represent you during the hearing, and assist you in completing the yearly inventory, as required by the court.

Special Needs Trust

Due to the strict rules regarding public benefits, a Special Needs Trust can be essential to protecting a minor or developmentally disabled adult’s way-of-life. While SSI and Medicaid may assist with food, health-care, and housing, a Special Needs Trust can pay for education, cell-phone bills, and recreational activities.

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