Medicaid Planning

Attorney Moshe B. Newman was named One of the 10 Best Elder Law Attorneys in the State of Michigan by the American Institute of Legal Counsel.

Applying for Medicaid and getting accepted is a difficult process, one that requires navigating archaic rules and regulations.


If you have over $2,000 in assets, own more than one car, or own investments, it can be nearly impossible to qualify for Medicaid. At The Legacy Law Firm, we are well-versed in the Medicaid application process. We have rigorously studied the rules and regulations, and are fully prepared to help you become eligible.

Making a Plan

With Medicaid Planning, you can ensure your healthy spouse, who still lives at home, has the financial resources to keep living. It can be as simple as collecting and preparing documents, or as complicated as completely restructuring your financial assets. It’s up to you! We review your unique goals, then craft a plan to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Special Needs Individuals

Everyone should have access to the care they require. Sometimes, that care can be extensive, which can be financially draining. Due to the Medicaid application’s complicated process, your loved one could miss out on the care they need. At The Legacy Law Firm, we will help you get qualified!

“Attorney Moshe Newman is very professional and will work with you to plan for your future. He is very knowledgeable of the laws and gets the job done promptly and efficiently. I would recommend him to my friends.

– Mr. Cohen

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