Probate Litigation

Attorney Moshe B. Newman has been named A Lawyer of Distinction, an honor reserved for the top 10% of attorneys in the United States.

Money is a temptation few can resist.

Challenging a Distribution

When someone dies without a Will, their assets are divided up through probate based on a number of relevant factors. Often, that distribution may not seem fair. At The Legacy Law Firm, we have helped our clients obtain over $200,000 more than they were initially scheduled to received.

False Signatures

When someone does not inherit what they believe they are entitled to, it is not uncommon for them to take matters into their own hands. At The Legacy Law Firm, we have successfully challenged fraudulent Wills and made sure the rightful heirs received what was owed to them.

Personal Representatives

Any time one person is in charge of someone else’s money, it can be tempting to take what does not belong to them. That’s where we come in! We have handled all sorts of situations where someone has stolen money. At The Legacy Law Firm, It is our job to recover the stolen funds and get the Personal Representative removed.

“Attorney Moshe Newman was recommended to me for probate estate, and was very professional, detail oriented, very honest, and knowledgeble. I would hire him again and highly recommend him.

– Susan Rivers

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