Estate Administration

Attorney Moshe B. Newman has found over $100,000 of missing money for his clients, and dealt with all sizes of estates, from $10,000 estates to $2,000,000 estates.

Upon the passing of a loved one, there is so much to do, from arranging the funeral to purchasing burial plots; it’s a stressful and hectic time! On top of all that, one needs to go to court to open an estate in order to access their bank accounts or sell property. It can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. The Legacy Law Firm takes care of all paperwork, court filing, and administration needed to handle the estate so you can focus on mourning your loved one.

Opening an Estate

To open an Estate in Michigan, one is required to complete 7 different forms to submit to the probate court. These forms can be confusing, and the laws can be complicated. To make matters worse, you can be held personally liable for any mistakes that are made. At The Legacy Law Firm, we have opened dozens of Estates for our clients, both formal and informal, so you can rest assured knowing that everything is handled properly.

Notice to Creditors

Even if your loved one had a Will, their Estate is subject to filing a Notice to Creditors, which allows any and all collectors that are owed money to file a claim against the Estate. It is our job to review those claims and make sure they are valid, in order to ensure that you receive as much of the Estate as possible.


When an Estate is opened, the Personal Representative is required to file an Inventory, which is a detailed accounting of every asset controlled within the Estate, from bank accounts, to personal property, to life insurance plans, etc. At The Legacy Law Firm, we assist you in completing that Inventory, whether it is the 1st Accounting or a yearly review.

“I have known Moshe for a long time and have had the pleasure of working with him professionally on several occasions. He is hard-working, detail oriented, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping his clients. I would encourage anyone looking for an estate or trust attorney to contact him.

– Menachem Davis

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